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  • We are recycling inkjet and laser cartridges. Bring your empty cartridges to chapter meetings or contact Adi directly. He can also help you receive a discount of approximately 50% on refilled cartridges.
  • Visit Cathy Lobb before or after the chapter meetings to view the fascinating collection of books, audio CDs, videos, and other GROW items for sale.
  • Family Heritage Recipe Book - $12.50 at chapter meetings or add $4.00 for mailing.

Other Opportunities to Help…
Receive your After Meeting Summaries via email and save GROW in postage costs. Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities


Tell us your story

  • or your parents
  • or your grandparents
  • Help others by sharing your research victories.
  • What sites or methods helped?
Do you like to Collect / Organize?

We're looking for people who are interested in:

*  coordinating the collection of stories

*  following events of German-Russian activities

*  and assisting our editors with executing the guidelines that are outlined to have an even better newsletter.

There is also a need for things such as someone to make computer greeting cards. Please email Adi Hartfeil  for more information
  • GROW is looking for more ideas & services that are not offered and suggestions on how we can improve. We would like to hear from you. Click here with your suggestions.
  • Carpool Contact: Adi Hartfeil
Share Your Stories!

Research requested for Germans from Russia in Portland in the early years. Where did they live? What were their customs? Where did they go to school, work, or church? We have received this request from an individual out of the area. If you would like to participate, it would be great information to put in the newsletter as well. Please contact our Meeting Summary editor.


The Sunshine Committee brings "Sunshine" to those among the GROW membership who need cheering-up, encouragement, prayer, and kind words. The cards, letters, and phone calls to those who are ill or in need of comfort are greatly appreciated by those who receive them. We are so thankful to our members who have taken on this mission to be compassionate and have gone out of their way to help others.

If you know of someone who could use a little Sunshine in their life, please contact:
Jan Haberman - [email protected]
Cathy Lobb - [email protected]