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The GROW Banner

The GROW Chapter Banner was designed in 2003 by Jan Prunier, with assistance from Maxine Daily, who did the quilting and sewing of the banner. It tells the story of our ancestors.

The background is royal blue, with the phrase “Freiheit, Glaube, and Familie” (Liberty, Faith, and Family) in red inside a pale yellow ribbon at the top.

Under the ribbon on the left is the shape of the state of Oregon with a jumping salmon, fir trees, and a rose (Portland’s nickname is the Rose City).

At the top center in an oval, wood-toned frame is a photo of Maxine’s grandparents—John Lutz from Greenway, SD, and Carolina Roesler Lutz Weber from Eureka, SD.

To the right of the photo is the shape of the state of Washington, known for apples, fir trees, and the Space Needle, which are symbolized here.

At the center of the banner is the GROW logo, a circle with blue mountains (Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens) and the sun setting behind them. The chapter name “Germans from Russia Oregon and Washington” is at the top in the light blue sky and “G.R.O.W.” is in white against the mountains.

Under the logo is a sod house in tribute to the last standing sod house in Greenway, SD.

The bottom left of the banner is to honor our ancestors for working the land. There is a windmill, furrowed field, iron plow, and shocks of wheat. Just to the right of this at the bottom of the banner is a farmer leading oxen that are pulling a wagon full of the fruits of their labors.